A Tropical Desk Organizer for my Sister's Birthday

I needed to make a gift for my sister this week. So I engineered a cute little desk organizer, this was such a fun project. Originally wasn’t planning on reverse engraving the foliage/flowers, but it looked nice. What a pain to do the weeding on this one, but I love crafting things!



And I added a velociraptor because she likes them. But it’s on the back. :slight_smile: An easter egg!


Very nice! How long did that take to engrave?

About 1.5 hrs.


Oh cool! (Love the EE too!) :smile:

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Very cool!! I’m gonna try to tackle something like this next.
What did you use to design this if you don’t mind.
I’m learning F360 which it’s perfect to have things fit right. And then AD for other regular cuts and engraves.


This a gift of love.

Very nice! She will love it!

The raptor is a nice touch. What a great design.

I really like the engrave. It adds a lot to the piece! And the Easter egg is a nice touch.

Looks awesome! The design team here use tape to help with lots of weeding. We are partial to Gorilla Tape. :slight_smile:

Just bought some! That will be great to use for the next project!

I designed it myself in Illustrator and used the grid at 1/8" and used snap to grid. I can upload the base file with tropical foliage to design section if anyone is interested.


I love the look, and would very much appreciate it if you did upload the files.

Thank you!

Seriously cool! I am quite taken with the inverted look you made, as it’s more real to life that way.

Just a note for all: the OP did upload the design file in Free Laser Designs, here:

Thanks @monosyth!