A Variety of GF projects this month

Here are some pics of a variety of projects I have been working on

First up are some rubber stamps for the parachute shop at the WWII Airborne Demonstration Team.
After getting the military placard font from another GF owner I was able to finish a pyrotechnics controller, and several marking placards for projects that were in the shop. When the aircraft mechanics saw those, the asked if I could make some replacement engine fuel tank switch placards for a 1940’s vintage C-47 Dakota.
The placards are all done on .018" aluminum sheeting.This is the original 75 year old placard, and the GF reproductions

Finally, I made a few more of the miniature apple blossom cutouts that will be filled with a tinted epoxy to make small pins for our ladies auxiliary.


Who would have ever thought that all these decades later a "home hobbyist " could make a replacement… with a fricken LASER!


Too cool and diverse!

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Mind blown on the detail of those flowers. Holy cow

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Oh, like the little pins! :grinning:

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All of them are fantastic ! Please post a pic of the pins again when they are epoxy filled ! Would love to see them finished!

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I’m a bit obsessed with aluminum “Makers Mark” plates myself. I made several attempts to do them on the glowforge, but I was not able to produce the results you achieved on Aluminum. I got decent results with powdercoat on Aluminum, but I went with a direct photo emulsion process followed by electroetching to produce my new business cards.


You’ve got quite a variety of projects! Please do share the final pins with the epoxy - I’d love to see how they turn out.