A very advanced and cool math tool - can be made on GF

This is a little hard to follow, but will cause a total GeekOut moment!

Watch this video first Lehmer Factor Stencils
Read her Instructions
Use the SVG Files

I’m going to try this over the weekend,


Wicked cool. I remember doing this in school and thinking it was work. Now it seems like a fun little diversion.

I wasn’t going to be a mathematician when I was younger so it was work. But now that the theory is not critical to my career or academic success, I’m finding some of this stuff to be a relaxing alternative to dealing with idiots in meetings :slightly_smiling_face:


This is a great find, but the Free Laser Design category is reserved for original content created by the poster. Unless you’re the owner of the files (Kate Stange), this thread should be moved to Everything Else, or Made on a Glowforge once you have photos to share… ¯\(ツ)


Wow! This is cool! I love math and for sure and making some of these. Thank you for posting :slight_smile: :heart:

Wow! Honestly, I think I passed out at about 7minutes:36 seconds of the video. It all sort of went dark. Me thinks I should have paid more attention in those early math classes. It feels as though there was more irrationality going on in my fog beyond that irrational slope she showed and due to that I moved this post to Everything Else so no one who typically uses Free Laser Design has their spirit crushed under the weight of any digit that has more than 2 numbers in it or anything exponential. Its funny, my 11 year old brought home a homework assignment just yesterday having to list the all the factors of 64. I thought this was going to be an interesting coincidence. A neat thing to try with small numbers. Boy was I mistaken. No worries, the fog will lift I am sure! :rofl:


“idiots in meetings” I don’t believe it!

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