A Very Merry Maker Christmas!

INSANELY BUSY MONTH FOR US! Here’s a new video though and all the projects I made for people this December!

Nicole C - When Geeks Craft


Oh! the Princess Mononoke is fabulous! I love all your work, but that one sings :slight_smile:
The 1 star review did make me :smiley:

(Also you should put a blur over the f-flake - G rated forum and all that!)

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I’d just watched that video… Love the Star Trek piece.

And credit where credit is due - your stuff is the reason I finally decided to buy my glowforge. Thanks again!


removed the f-flake lol didnt think about that


THank you! Im glad i could be of some inspiration!

Beautiful work! :star_struck:

Great job.

Here is my version of “wouldn’t recommend”. I overfilled the yellow and should have realized but didn’t that it would not be easy to trim off after curing. Lesson learned.

I also like to put the chicago screws on the other way, so the smooth face is to the front.


Love that idea. I have always just faced them forward. good thinking

these all look fabulous!

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I really like the way you use mixed media to put these together


Me too! Looks good.

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