A welcome sign 19.5” round

I did this on 1/8” Baltic birch plywood. I don’t have a GF Pro, so I designed two half circles with a ship lap design and made sure the center cut was hidden within the lines. I then glued together with clear Gorilla glue and for added support, I glued some wood pieces I had lying around

on the back, over the cut line. I let dry over night. At first I doubted it was going to hold but by morning the glue was hard set and I could pick up the whole circle without any wavering at all. This project took a total of 4 pieces of 12x20” to finish.


Super nice job on the piecing! I really had to study it to find the joins. I don’t think it will show at all when you get it mounted.


It doesn’t show at all. The lines are the ship lap pattern, one of which is actually the cut line but you can’t tell that’s what it is.

I see it, but I won’t tell… :grin:

You sure it’s not where the stain met the grain and wouldn’t saturate in a straight line?? That is where the cut is but if it weren’t for that, you’d never know it was there). You can’t help what takes place naturally in the grain. :slight_smile: I tried going over it again with more stain but that grain is stubborn. As I look at it, the cut is actually north of the lighter grain.




Amazing job hiding the joins. Really great sign!


Hopefully helpful feedback - BB usually only has plugs on one side (if at all), so select the “clean” side before committing to the design.


Love your sign!!

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Wow Great job.

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Love the flowers!

I love your sign. Great job. I have had my Glowforge Pro for about a month now and am honestly afraid to try things. When I have uncertified materials, like plywood I brought from Home Depot, I shy away from trying to use it because I am afraid if I don’t put in the correct settings, like the speed and power, something bad will happen. Hopefully I will get over this hurdle. I do have calipers and I know I have to input the height of the material, but after that I’m not sure what to try.

Actually you don’t. If you click on the gear icon in the menubar there’s an option to Set Focus. That will give you a bracketed mouse cursor like that. Move it over your material where you’ll be cutting or engraving and click once. The head will go to the spot you marked and measure it.

Wow thank you so much. I have much to learn.

We all started at the same place :slightly_smiling_face: Make some of the free designs your GF has. Then move onto something that catches your eye in the free designs section and then try modifying a design. One step at a time.

Actually I didn’t notice that until I started cutting. Lesson learned.

Thanks for the advice and encouragement. It is appreciated.

Great job. I’ve used this “multiple pieces glued together” technique several times, but never this well hidden :slight_smile: