A year in progress

A year of working out how to use the glowforge and the iPad Pro apps and I’m finally getting there’s. :relaxed:


These are wonderful! I love the Easter basket!


I don’t think seeing other people’s takes on how they adapt the world to their needs and wants will ever get old.


From my point of view, it was worth the wait!


Some great projects! Glad you’re enjoying your Glowforge!

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Welcome to the forum. It is obvious that you are having fun learning and creating.

Your stuff looks great. I just got my Gf and love my IPad Pro…I was wondering which programs you use for design? I love procreate but am having a hard time trying to figure out how to turn the files into an SVG
for the GF. Any info you can provide would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Procreate is good for simple engraving but not much else, I use affinity design it’s like a basic version of the Adobe products but it works decent. Unfortunately from what I’ve read there’s not many products for the iPad Pro for the glowforge but reading about what ur trying to do and then try and transfer that into something that’ll work with the apps you have.

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