A5 Jounal Cover +

Used my GF Light Saber to cut the leather pieces for this A5 Journal cover. In the process I has to develope a format for testing leather cutability and try several several type faces to determine which would make the best holes for hand stitching Enjoy

IMG_5696 A5%20Exceed%20cover Leather%20Swatch
This is for the Exceed A5 Journal (WalMart)



and yay for testing method - leather is hard being that literally no 2 pieces are identical, and even 2 pieces from the same animal can vary :-/


That’s a very pretty cover—thanks for sharing it, and for sharing the file!

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Great leather notebook! Do you mind elaborating on your testing methods?

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Oops, meant to include this variation of something else posted. I use small pieces and run the test on both sides since there seems to be some variation in my limited experience

hmmmm, that didnt work will figure this out and upload the test soonest

Got it thanx for the help


If you upload an .svg the image will default to a 1x1 square - but you can manually change the file size in your edit screen - though if you’ve got a raster in your .svg it deletes it…for some Discourse reason

If you upload a zipped file it’ll work fine :slight_smile:

Turned out great … love the engrave!