A5 Size Notebook / Planner

HI everyone, new here. Can you explain how I can download the file? I cannot see the file or attachment. I see a light binding image in the post by kathy - but I cannot find the file even when I click on the link in her post. Thanks everyone! :slight_smile:

That is the file. Right click on it and choose Save Image As to download a copy.

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Thank you Jules… when I right clicked I saw I could save as an image but for some reason I thought it was a jpg thumbnail and that I was missing an attachment somewhere. Have a great day!


How sturdy is that spine? It’s cool as heck looking. I’m new and my GF hasn’t arrived yet so I’m reading EVERYTHING to try and understand how it operates. I want to hit the ground running (will mostly likely be crawling) :wink: Does it hold up pretty well? Something like this would make a GREAT birthday present for my best friend.

Well, it is decent… But, care MUST be taken. I think my next ones I’ll look at a different pattern for the hinge. I gave one to my sister for Christmas and she broke it a month later but she carries it everywhere, and was pretty rough with it. I use mine everyday and haven’t had a problem. I just stress that they are fragile and you need to be careful.

they have some refill pages on walmart.com. i found them in store. Pen+Gear brand Filler Paper is what it’s called. I’m assuming this is the right size but I am not sure. The product says 5.5 x 8.5 inches so it should be.

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Did you find a new design for that hinge yet? and what kind of wood did you use? just so I no what will stand up

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Hi, I’m sorry I haven’t had a chance to work on it recently. I used medium proofgrade plywood. And I still think that it might have just been that my sister is hard on hers, mine is holding up good and I was just recently working remotely from a hospital in Baltimore. Lots of trudging around and stuffing it into and pulling it out of my computer bag. It held up great! I’ll post an update if I get a chance to work on it. Kathy

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Do you have a file for this one?

Its at the top, in the original post. It hard to see but its there. Right Click (on windows) and save as. Thanks, Kathy

Love it! Thank you!

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