Ability to label "layers"?

What would be the possibility of getting a feature or function to label layers within the application? I am new to Glowforge, and love the functionality of the system and UI, but I was wondering if there is a way to possibly label layers that can, in turn, help me decide if a specific “layer” needs to be Scribed, Etched, Cut or Ignored.

Thanks for the consideration.


Maybe I am misunderstanding your question, but you can create multiple layers by using different colors. Each color will come up in its own “layer ‘ and you can then decide which operation you want to perform.


Guess I am “p;d school” in labeling things vs color coding…just need to change my approach I guess.

If you want to request a feature, you need to post in Problems and Support, or send an email. GF doesn’t monitor this forum.

Yes, I wish. A text label.

You could then label it to say “Cut this”, “Engrave this”

TBH, I would prefer you could embed the cut/engrave instructions in the SVG files or allow a pre-mapping of standard colours to standard actions.

Once a week I will end up cutting when it should have been scored and having to throw the whole sheet away.

There are so many variables at play here that this is really hard to work out how to do it safely.

There are lots of reasons why GF only has preset jobs in proofgrade, it’s not very practical with non-pg materials. Best case problem in this case: your cut doesn’t work. Worst case? You burn your house down because you predefined “yeah cut” but your material settings were really wrong.

Incidentally I have always thought this is why the default power is 1 and default speed is max. They’re the “least dangerous” settings.

If you’re thinking “psht whatever Dave this can’t be that hard”, try to come up with standard nomenclature for engraving settings… it’s difficult, lots of options.

All I’m saying is that there’s a minimum complexity here, trying to simplify this process might not be as great as you might at first think.


If I burn the house down that’s my fault whether I have embedded details in the file or manually setup rubbish.

I’m part of the group that tends to make the same thing over and over again.
My colour coding for engrave, score and cut is strict
But I still have to manually select - at least to differentiate between the cuts and scores on pretty much everything I do.

GF assume we have sufficient brains to operate a frickin’ laser. At least give us the credit that I can correctly assign a colour to a power setting.

Right so then what happens when you share or download a design that happens to have a color that means something really wrong? It’s just tricky to do it. I prefer the manual method because it lets me double check things.

That being said the ui is awful on like twenty different levels… but they didn’t ask me. It’s hard for a web developer like me to not look at a ui and blow holes in it, it’s much harder to actually produce a better version.

Me too - that’s my day job as well

Right? Like why in hell can’t we select multiple steps and say “these are all cut at 200/full/1x/auto height” in one go? Infuriating.

And the thumbnails on the side, why don’t they have the full settings info? Comeon.

I wish they’d just say “tablets are for kids, get out of here with that shit” and make it a pc-oriented UI. I think the major things I hate about it are all couched in “but we need it that way for tablet people”.

Cross-platform issues will get you every time.


Yep. Beginners and advanced

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