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Anybody order Glowforge in Asia?

I’m in HK, just want to know will late or not,want to get it ASAP~~

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No International units have shipped yet, not even to Canada.
USA first as they work out the bugs in delivery/packaging and manufacture.

Officially we will have them (or at least the shipping e-mail) by the end of October.
Unless something new comes out in the August (or later) updates then this is pretty-much it.

There is at least 1 more HK buyer who pops on from time to time


Oh…hope no more delay wait so long long time…

Hi Lam,

We are on the same boat, I have ordered a basic unit.

If they ask me for shipment (I don’t think this going to happen soon), I would choose to hold off and see forum users’ feedback on how PRO unit behave in terms on operating temperature. Then I will consider either to upgrade or cancel order and request refund. The operation spec of basic is not going to work in HK hot & wet weather, at least it not going to work at my home environment. I cannot have A/C chill the room all day long, and I don’t want a unit that can only operate 6 months in a year. Maybe this is only my problem, maybe other HK buyers usually have decent workshop with nice air conditioner.

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Hi my shipmate,

I think the temperature part is OK, sure need give it more space for cool down, same as the 3d printer, in my workshop now have one 3d printer and later will add one resin printer also, I can say if at home…in HK is really hard to take a space for it cool down…

curious to know, would it be a form2 ? are you running a workshop or fablab alike?

Form2 is too expensive, just other brand, and my workshop is about lampwork and jewellery design.

Main business is wedding & proposal planner