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I downloaded a svg file to my inkscape. Specifically a barbwire. What I need to know is there a way to make a 90* bend left and right with inkscape? It’s just a straight piece now. Try not to get to technical as I’ve only been using this on and off for a couple weeks now. BTW I’m not to tech savvy. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

The easiest way would be to copy the straight piece, then paste as many segments as you require. You can then select a segment and use the OBJECT menu to rotate it into the desired position.


There are ways to do it, and I don’t know exactly what your image looks like… But if it were me I would actually go looking for other art that it’s already done. A very quick Google image search for “barbed wire svg”

Yielded lots of results. Like:




Basically for something as common as barbed wire, you’ll probably be able to find something that works for free.


Finding what you need premade is always the fastest, but I’ve used pattern-along-path for this exact thing before (barbed wire). Here’s the first hit from my search:


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