About the 12/11/17 Brief Downtime

The downtime message states:

We’re going to take the servers offline Monday 12/11/17 at 11:59 for an upgrade. Our usage logs show that this is the time with the fewest prints, and we’ll work to keep the outage brief. This upgrade will remove a problem that could otherwise cause unscheduled outages, and will make it easier for us to deploy future upgrades without downtime.

Our apologies in advance for any inconvenience!

sigh… I really want to believe that Glowforge thinks globally, but little omissions like this makes me lose faith.

Glowforge: Please choose one and be explicit in messages like this.
Signed, someone who doesn’t live in your corporate timezone.

  • HST
  • AKST
  • PST
  • MDT
  • CST
  • EST
  • UTC

Plus, the title doesn’t match the content and while we’re at it, Dec 11 not Nov 12 (intl date order) and is that am or pm or 24-hour?

Emphasis added


I’m also assuming 11:59 means 11:59 AM and not 11.59 PM, but again… I can’t tell that, either.
When I see a time statement without any sort of AM/PM designator, I assume it’s a 24-hour clock.

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Not that it’s really in any doubt, but they said Monday so it can’t be November…

I’m guessing midnight. Worse, that’s when i normally get around to finally running prints. ROFL!
Guess I’ll go to bed early tomorrow. :smile:


12/11/17 is standard nomenclature in the US, where the company is located. Additionally, Nov. 12th has long passed, so I don’t see where the confusion is.

As for the time… definitely should add all the details. I would assume 11:59PM PST, but GF staff should, of course, confirm.


That’s what I assumed as well. For me the biggest ambiguity is noon or midnight. Probably midnight since that may be a lower usage time than noon PST. Since I’m in the U.S. in PST near Glowforge HQ the rest of it I could guess.

Perhaps this is where the confusion over the date comes from though, 11:59 Sunday carrying into Monday morning? We’ll find out in 25 min. whether that was the mistake.

I see they have corrected/clarified it.

Why is this in latest improvements? I would never have been able to find this…

Thinking because Latest Impovements show up on the right side of the project User Interface. Certainly debatable whether it should be included elsewhere but it’s a decent place for someone trying to run a project.


it would probably be useful in the announcement section here, too. just to make sure nobody misses it.


Damn… How did they actually manage to mangle something so simple?

The way this reads to me, they’ve scheduled this outage for noon today. I’d guess PST since that’s where they are. But one really has to do a lot of guesswork to come up with it.

So simple… This should be expressed as "11:59 PST on Monday, 11-DEC-2017."
NOT to be confused with “23:59 PST on Monday, 11-DEC-2017.”

Why 11:59 or 23:59 would be preferred to 12:00 or 00:00 is slightly odd, but there may be scheduled processes that happen at those times or something.


Ah. They did fix it and now I understand my confusion over the dates. The date in the heading is the date of the announcement which is different that the date of the downtime. Oops, my mistake. Makes sense now.

Thanks for letting us know about this!

We’ve updated the message. If you have any additional questions or concerns, go ahead and post a new topic.

Thanks again for bringing this to our attention.

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