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I was wondering that, but I couldn’t find the dang guidelines!


And yes, you can post work with more permissive licenses here too, as long as it’s yours.


I’m all for free designs where they can be used to create for sale any number of things - except the CC0 also allows someone to sell the design file itself. I’m okay with them giving the design file away or to make money from using the design file but I feel they shouldn’t be allowed to sell the design file itself - it just feels wrong.


I agree with you there, it definitely feels a bit dirty for someone else to sell the file. My reasoning for personally liking the CC0 license is purely that I haven’t the time, money, or inclination to hire a lawyer to protect my rights. I would rather go make the next awesome project :money_mouth_face:.


Even having one on retainer, you don’t want to mess with it! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Having gone this route with photography before, and getting to a point where receiving damages was a larger income than the actual photography work, that’s just no fun either having to be the bad guy when all you want to do is make cool stuff.


Hi, if it is still in the design phase, should I also provide the 3D model I am using for a build reference (I use Autodesk Inventor for the design part) or only the svg of the current version?


Whatever you prefer.


I can’t seem to properly upload SVG files. I don’t see any errors, but the files are not linked in my post. Thanks


Many have had that problem. Seems that zipping them up first and uploading the ZIP files works consistently.


Hi all,

I am an educator using a Glowforge Pro for my mobile classroom. I am looking for files that the students can access and carve (print). Someone shared this group with me, next question. How do I ‘get’ the files that people are sharing in this group. I am more than happy to share what I’ve done which is very little. Thanks in advance to all that respond.


This page isn’t the actual page where free files are shared. Just go directly to the Free Laser Designs page;

You should be able to browse through the posts there and right click on any files offered to download them. Hope this helps.


Try here as well. But yes, scroll through the free Laser Designs Category here.