Acacia Lazy Susan from Target

Has anyone else engraved this lazy Susan from Target? It’s acacia and it engraved beautifully but there was definitely a funky (not normal wood) smell when finished. Now I’m on my third one and worrying that they are finished with something that isn’t laser safe.


If you are on the third one, I guess you decided to keep on even if it was unsafe. Personally, I doubt there is anything harmful on this product sold for food service. You can always read the product details and try to contact the manufacturer for more details.


I did the first one months ago and I don’t remember an odd smell at all. It wasn’t until the last one that I even questioned it. I would never put my family’s safety or my laser at unnecessary risk. I’m not one to shrug it off the way many do in these situations. I’ve read the product details and it says it’s acacia with a ‘natural’ finish, but ‘natural’ isn’t very informative. But thanks, I will be contacting the manufacturer. I was just hoping someone else had experience. :blush:

That’s amazing detail you have. I have been looking at a similar tray as a gift for my BIL.

What settings did you use?


This looks great and all wood smells to a certain degree. I just did acrylic and didn’t notice any weird smell either. I have an acacia cutting board that I need a more detailed logo engrave on and would love to know your settings!

It could be the oil finish if they put one on it.

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@seanchu88 I JUST bought one of these today! Did you ever hear back from the manufacturer? I’m also curious, did you remove the crumb tray or leave it in? The lip around is a little over half a inch, but it looks like the printer head still clears it fine. Just wondering before I go in blindly and engrave mine :slight_smile:

I did a 20" acacia one from homegoods. It didn’t exactly fit but it worked.

Here is a video of it: