Accidentally left paper mask on

Hello all, I have a question. I made a sign out of proof grade cherry. I thought another piece of draft board on the back would good for thickness and structure… I glued it on with GO locktite… after it dried, I realized that I had left the paper backing on the cherry. :roll_eyes:. Is that going to be an issue or will the glue penetrate and hold? Nothing is heavy about it. I’d show the front but it’s a gift. But he’s a clear pic of my mistake if that helps! :rofl:


That would look better!:grin:. I was just worried it would peel away. Thanks!


Will do! Thanks!

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I think the OP is concerned that when hung up the front will peal off the masking.

I don’t know the answer

In woodturning one of the techniques used to make a strong but temporary bond is to put tape on two pieces of wood and glue the taped surfaces together. The wood can then be pried apart.

Given the strength and large surface area of the masking you are probably going to be just fine if the face you glued to is not shiny. If that masking has a slick surface the glue bond may be precarious, even though the masking adhesive itself is quite good.

If you want to be absolutely sure then consider this approach:

  1. Peel away the masking as advised by others already.
  2. Cut a small strip of draftboard with the Glowforge.
  3. Glue the strip to the (now exposed) cherry wood at the top center of the cutout.
  4. Move the mounting plate to the new strip.

At that point the weight bearing surface will be the wood-to-wood glue joint. Since the rest of the backer board is not bearing any weight the chances of it separating over time are greatly reduced. Make the glued strip larger than the mounting plate so as to distribute the shear forces over a larger area.


That would have been a great solution, just to be totally sure about it. I’ll remember that one; or maybe I should just remember to remove the backing. :grin:. But just in case, I’ll file that away. Thanks! I went with it how it was, (no support added), and it’s to a family member so I’ll be able to keep an eye on it.

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