Account empty after repair

I received my machine back from repairs, and now I’m not recognized in GFUI. I’m afraid to go through setup, because I am supposed to have store credits and purchased designs. My original preorder and design purchases aren’t in my purchase history – just the repair.

Personally I wouldn’t be worried about your residual credit, the company still has your account information and support will get you taken care of.
I don’t think I could stand just looking at the machine…

Support will get you set up. Your account is not tied to the machine, it is tied to your account.

Set it up. Your account information isn’t going to get messed up by it knowing how to access your wifi. I promise. :slight_smile:

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Folks, I’m looking for either an employee or a fellow user who’s experienced this exact problem.

I know how CRM should work. If it was working as it should, then I would still have my credits and item library. The fact that the machine is missing is obviously not what I’m asking about.

So, the three of us who have responded are founding members who have been here for years, and have seen this happen a number of times. But if you prefer to wait for Support, that’s your call. We’re just trying to help out because it’s their busy season, so you could end up having to wait a while. :blush:


Hey @kexline, I’m very sorry for the scare. I don’t currently see a Glowforge associated with your email address - when that’s the case, you won’t be able to access the app until after you’ve set up your Glowforge. Once you’ve set up your Glowforge, please let me know if you still have any trouble.



Thanks! I have everything back. I’ll follow up via email.

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