Account says shipping today. No email tho

@dan My account says shipping today, yet no email. Hoping it’s just a Timezone issue. Will I get the email today?

Judging by posts today they are about 4 days behind on basic emails

Edit: mine also says today

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This after you Agreed to the “Would you like your Glowforge?” email?

The website (with your account info) is not quite accurate. If you have signed up with UPS Choice (and enabled notifications - specifically the when the label is created), it normally gets to you from UPS quicker. Though Glowforge has gotten better with email notifications in tandem with UPS.

My shipping notification email arrived 4 days after the expected date posted on my account page.

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This will get asked every week. Answer from Dan at the time the new system was announced.

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It might be worth changing the page to “week of” but I imagine that would cause another uproar :neutral_face:

Interesting about the UPS shipping. Thanks for the tip.
No, I haven’t got the “Would you like your Glowforge?” email which I was hoping so much would come today.

Do I need that email to do the UPS shipping notification? Or how best to do that?

Good to know. Thanks for sharing

No. You can sign up for UPS My Choice at any time. You’ll want to do it right away too because sometimes they need to verify your address by sending you snail mail.

In UPS My Choice, check the “memberships” page under settings to see if your address needs to be “activated”.

Set it up to notify you of any packages originating for your address. You’ll then often hear from UPS before the shipper since it’ll send you e-mail when someone creates a label (often before the box is packed).


Mine says Oct. 13th. No email yet. Basic ordered on Oct. 12, 2015. I’m trying to contain my excitement until it’s actually in my hands…but it’s oh so hard!

LPT! Thanks so much for the details!

My email came about 5 days after the estimate. You should be seeing something pretty soon!

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Thanks all. Murphy’s Law: the next five days will feel like another two years due to anticipation. Curses, but so excited!


It’s gonna be worth it, every penny, and every minute. Prepare yourself! :sunglasses:

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That’s the truth!

Let these folks know you’re interested in their services and ask for a 5-day trial? :wink:

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Oh well and here I was getting excited about getting my “golden ticket” tomorrow. So looking forward to it!

The team was still hard at work when I had to leave tonight on improving the forecast.


So just from what I have seen, I ordered mine on 10-1-15, I looked at the account page and it said shipping on the 13th of this month which it was the 13th. I was questioning that because I never got an email, I was really close to emailing glowforge then around 7:30 that night I received the “do you want your glowforge” so they may be lagging behind some, but I am sure you will get the email soon. Now the question for me is, when do I getting the tracking info. Wish you the best, happy glowforge hunting.

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FWIW I never received a shipment email for the GF. However I got a UPS My Choice notifications yesterday that my GF ship and is expected today. Working from home, camped next the the front door now.


I ssooooo remember looking for the Big Brown Machine… BTW the driver was a gal who was maybe a foot and a half taller than the GF :glowforge: box set on its end (which she did).