Acct detail purchase history no date showing

Per instructions in the latest update I was trying to remember what day I purchase my pro and I notice that the date field isn’t showing my 9/25/2015 date (from email confirmation). Checked on safari and chrome and noted same behavior in both. Just FYI.

Store Date Total Order # Products and Details
Glowforge $4,170.00 [CENCORED]
Air Filter $750.00 x 1 $750.00
Glowforge Pro $5,245.00 x 1 $5,245.00
Glowforge Accessory Kit - Pro $0.00 x 1 $0.00
Glowforge Starter Pack Kit $0.00 x 1 $0.00
Glowforge Filter Cartridge $0.00 x 1 $0.00
Subtotal: $5,995.00
Shipping Fees: $175.00
Air Filter Shipping $76.00 x 1 $76.00
Glowforge Shipping $99.00 x 1 $99.00
Order Total: $4,170.00

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I just checked at (after login) and the date doesn’t show either.

Even weirder is that going to and checking on the settings link (in the upper right hand corner) to then select Purchase History in the left column show Today’s date as Order Placed.

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Confirmed, date not showing for me either.

yeah, that last bit is a known bug; this is prolly them mucking about with it

Does that mean the last 650 days of waiting were just a bad pizza dream that I can awake from now?? :rofl:


Same here… I hope this is a “you are about to receive your “email” as we are updating the back-end portion of our website error”

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Thank you so much for the details, @gary2. I’m looking into it now. As soon as I have more information I’ll update this thread!


@gary2, you should now be able to see your order date in your purchase history!

I’m going to close this thread, but please let us know if you still have any trouble.

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