Accuracy getting worse

I don’t need community support. This is directly to GF. None of us get paid to solve GF’s design and quality problems so we shouldn’t be doing it without getting paid and paid well.

The issue with accuracy is getting worse. Yes, the machine is clean, yes the problem is sporadic, yes you can see my machine work from your IT desk.

Look carefully at the image, all designs are based on one design, duplicate to take advantage of costing out one board. You’ve wasted 88% of my cost.

Waiting on you solution!

Accuracy getting worse means something is getting loose. Chances are good it is the gantry belt. When you turn on the machine it sets “home” and measures from there. It only measures by keeping track of the turns of the drive wheel. If the distance traveled is different then it will be off by that much.
If any of the belts are slipping, or if the gantry is hitting some sort of debris, then that throws the measurement off.

Turning the machine totally off and then moving gantry and head see if there is resistance anywhere of if holding the belt you can still move the head or gantry, then your issue should become obvious.

If you move the head or gantry while the machine is on then that will mess it up too.

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FYI you accidentally posted this in community support instead of sending it directly to GF. No problem though, I won’t try to help.


Glowforge support doesn’t monitor the forum. You post here and tell us not to help, but I am trying to be helpful when I say contact Glowforge.


Or the support link at the top of every forum page… on a desktop I think. I don’t see it on my small phone screen.

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Best to use the Conact form on the support home page. Email is far less efficient.

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