Acid etched coin

I spray painted a copper coin that I sanded flat on one side. I then reverse etched off the paint with the glow forge, leaving just the skull covered with paint. I then soaked it in a 50 50 solution of muratic acid and 40 hydrogen peroxide. I then soaked it in acetone and stripped off the paint



How long of a soak?

Yes. This process is fun and gets great results!

Many years ago i made a series if silver bracelets that way. I had to do the dezign work by hand but soaked them in nitric acid. After i had done a number of them i dissolved a batch of salt and added ot to the silver nitrate that brought all the silver out of solution as silver chloride that i heated in a crucible to get a surprisingly large lump of silver that is still about somewhere.


30 minutes

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I didn’t realize it was possible to combine the arts of lasering and alchemy so effectively.