Acrylic and Maple door plaque

Hey everyone

Always checked out posts but very rarely get involved but after really getting the time to play with the Glowforge I thought id show you a door plaque I made for one of best friends who has just had a baby boy.

Hope you all like.



What a sweet plaque. I really like the acrylic on the top (and bottom?). It’s one of the coolest baby-name gifts I’ve seen. It will still look rad in 10, 20, 30+ years.

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Totally agree! Love the shape and materials! :grinning:

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That looks really great. Awesome contrast from the material choices!
Did you use standoffs or just only screw partially into the back?

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Hey everyone sorry I know I was a little vague so here is some more info and background.

So I build custom drums and the father of Arlo (Lee, one of my best friends) I was in a band with for most around 10 years.
So Lee played guitar also I made the design the shape of a plectrum, the artwork was a cool idea based on music of course.
The acrylic is proof grade clear but the maple is actually ply from the drum shells I make.
I stained it blue and satin oil finished the wood as I do my drums.

I used some drum washers to space the acrylic off to give it that stepped look so pretty much all the ideas came from music and my drum building even the cap head screws are what I used on various drum fittings.

Yeah hopefully it will be something that will stay in his family.

Happy New Year Everyone


The plaque is even nicer with this explanation. What a thoughtful and beautiful gift.

Amazing! I thought it looked like a guitar pick. Such a cool personalized gift.

What a meaningful and groovy plaque for both little Arlo and his dad. Can’t wait to see what you post next, Carl!

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The Glowforge enables the most personalized gifts … You did a wonderful job … I’m sure it was a hit!