Acrylic Bonding & Marking?



Has anyone used this product for acrylic bonding? Wondering if this might be less noxious/flammable that the ubiquitous Weld-On product line…

Also, any recommendations for coloring in engraved marks in acrylic? Like the tick marks on a Founders Ruler made from acrylic…


They’re both pretty similar.

16_MSDS.pdf (142.3 KB)

MSDS IPS Weld-On 4 New.pdf (28.5 KB)


Acrylic paint? Should be able to brush on and wipe off the surface.


Paint pens followed by a wipe off that leaves it in the scores but cleans off the surface.

Or spray it with paint before pulling the masking.


Yes, I used this glue recently on these acrylic table numbers. It worked well and I don’t recall it having a particularly strong smell.


I can’t wait to see what you do with a Glowforge! I love your calligraphy.


That’s gorgeous! I only wish my calligraphy looked half that good. :relaxed:


Thank you @cynd11 and @Jules

I’m really looking forward to getting my glowforge but until then it’s great being able to see what everyone is doing with the prerelease glowforges!