Acrylic box

Hello everyone, I just got my glowforge pro, I bought because I am opening a new business, but I have face a couple challenges already. So is anybody know the properly way to do an acrylic box like the picture attached?image


Yes, that looks like a special kind of Laser Foil polyfilm…you would apply it, laser around it, and then weed away the excess. (Carefully.)


If you are referring to the construction of the boxes themselves, I think those in the photo were made by a different method. They look either molded, bent (with heat), or cemented without joints. You can certainly construct boxes from acrylic using designs you can create using any number of web-based box sites (like []( that typically incorporate finger joints, but they would not look exactly like the ones in your photo.

One thing to be aware of if you decide to create boxes without finger joints, is that the laser beam leaves a slanted edge on the cut side of your acrylic due to the cone shape of the laser beam, which can make cementing perpendicular sides somewhat challenging.


When using acrylic or wood I use these corner clamps then apply the glue down the inside of the edges. this ensures the the entire edge is glued…

The glue I use is a thick CA glue i get at my local hobby or woodworking store.


Keep in mind that CA can leave white residue on surfaces. For acrylic, solvent cement is preferred as the water-thin version will evaporate without leaving a residue, though excess cement can leave a mark. I have also found it to be stronger than CA when properly applied.

Thank you!

I have not seen the residue when I use it…

Boy did I go down the rabbit hole on this one. I think I looked at just about every page—they have some cool stuff! And to bring it back on-topic, one thing I noticed was the Glue Looper, for applying glue to seams invisibly. Has anybody ever tried these for acrylic?


Yep I use on all my scratch built buildings and at least I think it works like a charm.

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