Acrylic Bread Knife Instructable

Just saw this design on the Instructables site:

Very clever (or cleaver :sunglasses: ) design for cutting the blade edge, although the jig may not fit in the GF. Might be able to recreate the serrated edge with multiple engraving passes, defocusing the beam, or ???

Just food for thought…


WOW! it can cut a soft cookie! (Sorry, I just had to…)


or is it thought for food??? (sorry, I couldn’t resist either)


I saw this, but I think the jig is probably too high to go in the GF.

…as I mentioned in the original post… :sunglasses:

Interesting; the company that created the instructables tests materials for laser cutting. Heres their list

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It certainly looks like that jig won’t, but I see no reason a different jig wouldn’t fit. The jig in the Instructable strikes me as unnecessarily tall, maybe twice as tall as it needs to be.

Surely a shorter jig could be made.

and a smaller knife? Cheese knife? Pumpkin-carving knife?

I worked on the Chamfered Acrylic Knife Project at Fremont Laser & Design, our custom fabrication and prototyping shop in Seattle.

@dwardio @ian @wbgraphic this jig is definitely too large for the Glowforge. Our laser here has 10.5" of Z travel so we could accommodate a jig and knife of that size.

@jbv love the idea for the pumpkin carving knife! We could make a jig so it could be cut on both sides to create a double sided serration (at least that’s kind of pumpkin carving knife I grew up using!).

We originally developed the jigging process for chamfering 4 sides of a square of acrylic in order to make a cube. One of our designers David brought up the knife idea, and we just couldn’t help ourselves. It sliced a pretty mean buttermilk fried chicken sandwich today here for lunch :yum:

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Stop that!!!

@spike sorry mate, it was delicious

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This is WAR!

This is Spartan!

We are talking lasers right? :smiley:

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