Acrylic brooch

Just finished making this megababe out of acrylic.





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This is nice work so now I’m afraid I must know your secrets. Prepare for inquisition! :slight_smile:

Is that layered or inlaid? Or maybe painted? Mind posting a 3/4 angle? How thick are the materials? It’s a brooch, I assume it’s pretty small? If it’s to be worn, how does it attach? Original art, or heavily modified photo?

That is, if you don’t mind sharing :slight_smile:


The brooch is 90mm high and photographed without the safety pin for attachment so it photographs better. I have used a base black layer 2mm with 300LSE 3M double sided tape and then placed the acrylic shapes on top. The total with if the piece is 4mm. The vector was designed in illustrator by overlaying a new drawing layer over the original image. Original photo attached.


Awesome writeup, thanks!

One more: Did you use glue between the layers?

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Beautiful work!

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Nope. I used 300 LSE 3M double sided tape.

Amazon exec…" wonder why we’re suddenly getting this big search on 300 LSE 3M double sided tape.?’

Oh beautiful work btw!!!


Ha ha ha it is not super easy to get, but try 3M direct.


Nice color highlights.

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BEAUTIFUL WORK! great design and execution.

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Very nice work

I particularly loved the use of glitter black acrylic for the gloves. I think that’s what I see.

Oh, yeah I didn’t even pick up on that. Nice touch.

Really outstanding!

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That looks JUST like the picture. Beautiful job. :sunglasses:

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This is stunning work!

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Beautiful. Love the glitter.