Acrylic Cake Topper


I am not really a fan of the acrylic (aesthetic choice) but this project turned out nifty. Client provided artwork. Had to alter it a bit to make it more sturdy.

She wanted the back of it black. I thought of all sorts of complicated schemes to adhere a backing. Spray mount, clear glue… My wife walks up and simply states, “Paint the back black before you print it.” yeah, she’s the smart one in the family.


What a cool sign!


Turned out great! :grinning:
(They also sell really nice opaque acrylic in sheets, that would work fantastic for this! Little less work on your part.)


Looks great! Also, you may have just saved me from having to order a piece of specialty acrylic. What kind of paint did you use?


True… but they don’t ship in a week. Gotta get creative.


Ahhh! Rush job. :slightly_smiling_face:


No, then it would say “Neil” instead of “Muzz”. :slight_smile:



Haha, beat me to the rim shot.


Dude is a beast, a robot, he is the machinery making modern music.

I am convinced that the reason Peart wrote so much of the music was just to give himself some interesting percussion work to do. :slight_smile:

(Holy hell, I just now read that they’re finished. Sad to see them go.)




This turned out great!


Although I have never met Muzz… I will assume he is no Neil Pert. Probably not a Buddy Rich either.


Cake topper to Neil Peart drum solo in 8 posts. Classic!


I hadn’t heard that they’d decided to retire. Sad, but it was probably time.