Acrylic edge finishing

Hi all! Wondering if anyone had solutions to smoothen the acrylic edge post cut? Other than manual sanding, looking into 1000 units order, thinking there gotta be some affordable tools to use? Appreciate it guys!!

I’m not sure if there’s something wrong with your unit or your file because most people get an excellent finish right off the unit.

As a general practice heat is the way to quickly polish acrylic. I’ve used a propane torch to do it.


Thanks. The cut is fine, but we’re looking into ways for a slight bevel, so it’s not a sharp edge.


I would use a router with a 45 degree chamfer cutter. Set it up with a fence and adjust the height to give the amount of edge chamfer you want, then run each edge over the bit. Keep it moving to prevent melting and burning. You can run through all your parts quickly and it will give an even, uniform look to the chamfered edge. If you want to post-finish, flame/heat polish it to smooth out the router marks.
Make sure you keep the masking ON while chamfering!