Acrylic engrave with walnut back + stand offs

This machine will probably amaze me for months or years to come. It’s defintiely making me learn to think differently about how to make things.

Today I engraved a logo and tag line on acrylic :proofgrade: for a client and attached it to some walnut :proofgrade: with some small walnut circles as stand offs and superglued it together.

Each project teaches me something new and it’s tough not to want to redo everything right after I finish if I learn something I could do better.

So much fun!

(No, I don’t know why they call themselves “OK CHOG” instead of “COG” - I just made the logo. They don’t always listen to me on other things. :laughing: )


love the walnut standoff!


Very nice. The wood back is a great way to add contrast.


Beautiful! Can you go into any detail on the standoffs? They’re very interesting!

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Engraving looks great. As is, or did you paint it?


No paint, that is just a reverse engrave on the back of the acrylic.


Thank you! Honestly, the standoffs were kind of an afterthought. All they are is small circles that I cut out of the walnut and then super glued to the walnut and the acrylic.


Very professional looking! (Better than I’ve seen from trophy shops.) :grinning:


so there is no cut thru the acrylic? or engraved area they slot into?


Kind of hard to gauge scale. About how large are the standoffs? Are you concerned about the superglue holding long-term? I don’t use the materials much, so I’m curious about how they work together.


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Love seeing the Oklahoma work. Also from OKC myself, with my Glowforge scheduled to be delivered tomorrow, i am trying to get everything ready.




Looks great. You might be able to buy reasonably cheap standoffs, just for future reference. Not sure on sizing, but something akin to these:


Very professional!

Great questions! I honestly don’t remember what size they are. I just made some random circles and cut them. But they are smaller than my fingertip to be sure.

As for the superglue not holding, that is entirely possible I suppose. As with many projects with a new toy, everything gets better as I go. I will very likely make two or three more versions before I land at the final.

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No, because that would have required more forethought. :wink: seriously though, that’s a really good idea. I will integrate something like that in the next couple iterations.

It looks great!

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i would think trying a post and sleeve idea with the walnut could be really stable. essentially a long bolt through the back piece, hole drilled through the set-off piece of walnut, and then engrave the space for the nut into the back of the surface circle to mount inside w/glue and screw onto the bolt. would require some accurate measurement of depth (and may not be worth the time it takes, depending on what you’re doing).

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Fantastic! Don’t see how it could be improved. Anyway, the learning is what makes this wild ride so much fun! If we already knew how to do everything perfectly, it would just be another tool.

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Am I the only one who thinks packing these not in units of 4s is absurd. So basically 2.5 rectangular plaques?