Acrylic Keychain - SSDGM

I should have gone to bed but instead I had an idea for a keychain based on one of my favorite podcasts.

Printed mirrored on Proofgrade Clear Acrylic

Spray painted (glow in the dark followed by “mirror” followed by clear coat) and then took the masking off

Sorry for the crappy phone picture :slight_smile:

Designed in Illustrator with a free skull vector, JohnDoe font, and the bullet hole is a glowforge image

12 minutes, 48 seconds.

Now that it’s out of my head, I might be able to sleep!


I don’t know the podcast, but that is unquestionably good advice. Nice project!


They are full of good advice!

“You’re in a cult, call your dad”
“Stay out of the forest”
“Don’t let people touch you if you’re not comfortable with it.”
"Lock your fing door"
“Don’t call it nonconsensual sex. Sex is sex and rape is rape; use the word rape.”
“If you see something, f
ing say something.”

The podcast is My Favorite Murder.
It’s a true crime comedy podcast.

And as weird as it sounds, with everything happening in the world right now, I’ve found an odd comfort in this podcast.


Since the Pandemic started I’ve been working my way through the entire back-catalog of Welcome To Nightvale. I’d never heard of it before, and it’s been out for years. Same deal: Very weird and oddly … well, if not Comforting then at least Engaging and Distracting. And a little Comforting, but in a weird way. :crazy_face:
I’ll check out My Favorite Murder and report back!

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I followed Welcome to Nightvale for years! Not quite sure why I stopped haha.