Acrylic LED signs

Here are a few acrylic signs I made for a clients event. I found that when using this type of LED puck, the smaller the better to get the engraving to really pop & I love how it looks as the color changes


well, looks like the links failed, lets try that again:


I like the Cheshire cat! :grinning:


I am sooooo addicted to lighted acrylic. Thanks for feeding my need. :slight_smile: The third design is super cute!

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Just ordered some LED bases, can’t wait for them to get here. Thanks for sharing!

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Still my favorite thing these lasers can do. Lovely work!


I’ve had the bases for some time, but ran out of acrylic. Just got some more so game on :slight_smile:

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I ordered a four pucks from Amazon yesterday as well as a eight sheets of acrylic. Your projects inspire me.

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Yay! So glad you’ve been inspired! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!


Which pucks man? Have you found any good svg models to use as a base?

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Google LED light pucks, they look like hockey pucks with a slot in the top. I designed my own template


These are the LED bases I ordered (pucks):

And I’ll be making my own designs from scratch for the acrylic.

… And the are the acrylic sheets I ordered:

Where did you buy them? I’ve been wanting to try this, but I don’t know exactly what to look for.

I ordered these Amazon LED Bases, I had ordered the 4-pack to get the best deal. I’m currently waiting for these DHgate LED bases, because they have bulk deals.

The first ones I ordered were great, so if you don’t plan on doing many, I can highly recommend those. I used regular medium proofgrade acrylic, then added that little spacer at the bottom so that light didn’t shine up from the base anywhere other than through the acrylic; that was totally just a design choice, and not necessary at all.

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Thanks so much!