Acrylic Map of Seattle?


In the Q&A you showed a white map of Seattle, but the quality of the stream made it hard to see. Do you think we could get a photo sometime in the next week or two? Just curious about it.

PS Thanks @dan for the Q&A! I am still blown away that a CEO of a company this large takes the time for this type of thing. Thank you.


Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s nice Dan feels the need to chat with forum users, but Glowforge is a small company.


bumping this up… I’d also really like to see a 3D translucent depth map of Seattle.


Me too…just cause :smile:


I had a hard time getting a good picture of it, but…


Thanks for posting this!


Wow, that is amazing! That almost, but not quite, got me to use that “s” word. :grin:


It’s really hard to see but those brownish lines are actually very legible text a fraction of a mm tall (“seattle bainbridge ferry”):


Is that business card size? Can you get a more off-angle shot of it, similar to the Glowforge Badge photo?


About 2x as big as a business card.


That’s spectacular - can’t wait for the team to get some of the acrylic settings dialed even more. It’s really hard to photograph acrylic. That should pop when you edge light it with an LED.


Was thinking the same thing. You could do something really interesting with a set of these and make something like an edge lit triptych, either with different cities in which you’ve lived or different neighborhoods within Seattle.


That’s awesome!! Thanks Dan for taking the time to show us these!!


You bet.