Acrylic Maps for 1:18 Scale Props

I do a lot of scaled models and props for 1:18 scale collectors. I’ve recently started using the Glowforge to laser cut “tactical displays” into acrylics for a Sci-Fi look.


The Glowforge handles acrylics fantastically.


fantastic work

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Wow, looks like a movie set!

very cool. I didn’t know people set them up like that.

Okay. Now thats freaking cool.

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Great idea! What a nice touch. :sunglasses:


So cool, I can envision them edge lit with some type of micro led’s.

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Fumbles. It was always fumbles… :wink:

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This is an awesome application of frosted acrylic. The displays are out of this world!


Dude. That is super awesome! Very clever use of the Glowforge.

you could even make speech bubbles for the characters.

" No! Gulock you must land over there!" or some such :slight_smile:

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Very cool! :grinning: