Acrylic ornament holder



Several years ago we had a Pokemon Xmas tree that I handmade 72 various pokeball ornaments for.
Found a way to display one…:grinning:

Goes well on my son’s dresser on his Pokemon themed wall.

(He has a minecraft and a Zelda wall too.:smirk:)


Pokemon, Minecraft, and Zelda? He sounds like one of my kids! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Laser cut Pokemon sign… laser cut Pokemon acrylic dresser top organizers… Pokemon edge lit acrylic LED ornament season extender…

Man, having a laser is going to be so cool.


I’d love to tour your house: the coolest in the neighborhood!


This gave me an idea. A Christmas tree made out of layers of snowflake like, center lit, acrylic boughs, each layer lit by different color leds. I think it would be cool if the boughs were separated somewhat, but the blending of colors in boughs in contact with each other might be cool too! Or hardwood boughs with outside layers of acrylic.


My son walked by as I was looking at this post and said, “Cool, team Mystic. So we can make that kind of stuff with the laser cutter?” Yep.


Happy cake day @cynd11 !!


I really like that !! An ornament holder is one of my first projects I was planning but I only was thinking wood. the base-lit idea for that is fantastic!! ( I have so many disney statue/ornaments - I’d like to make some displays for them). Maybe a slightly larger tree shap with cut out holes to hand the ornaments… too many ideas !!! :grimacing:


Very nice! The quarter moon hanger is really cool, make a good night light!
That base is perfect. May I ask the source?


Thought I’d share a couple…

which is why id like to make a few of these stands to display some at various times !


Ummm you werent kidding!!


Holy Jumpin Jesus, you are friggen awesome.


Wow that’s a huge collection :grinning:


Where do you get the base from, or what is it called? Unless it is a secret :slight_smile:


lol - and those aren’t even my christmas ones… Thats one wall in the living room :grinning:


Like whoa


I can’t make Pokemon like @smcgathyfay but I made this Pokemon Cake with 18 Pokemon Characters. All Edible! :slight_smile:

Gotta Catch 'Em All


Super cute!!!


The Birthday Boy was so happy - but he refused to let the cake be cut… oops…


LOL! Whoops