Acrylic Questions

Nice save. Is this covering the red or black in the laser safe vinyl color? Or are you able to cut the clear acrylic if you cover it in a color? Sorry, i know nothing about diode lasers, so im genuinely curious. I’m just worried about being stuck with the materials she can’t cut. But if she ordered the small pieces to fit in the aura, i guess they can be used as a rectangular backer for other projects.


From what I’ve seen, clear acrylic will not cut even if you cover or paint it with something that does, on either side. The laser will just cut the covering and pass through the acrylic.

So I think the suggestion here was basically to make a decal.


Thank you! That clears it up for me. I guess there is no tricking the diode laser.


Do you have a video or something that explains this a little bit more?


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