Acrylic Sheets

I have some projects for people that want me to engrave and cut out with acrylic, What’s the cost for the material. I’m out on the proof samples that were provided

You can price the acrylic in the Glowforge shop, Inventables, Johnson Plastics, ePlastics, and local sign shops. If you are not in the U.S. this doesn’t help, obviously.

I’m in the US. Looking for the most competitive pricing. Thanks for the Information.

You can compare the costs of the Proofgrade acrylic to similar offerings from places like Inventables and Johnson Plastics. Be sure to get cast acrylic not extruded. (smell). Check the sizes it comes in if you don’t have a way of cutting it down. And you might want to price out the additional cost of masking if the samples you find don’t come masked. (At least on the backside to help with flashback.)

I prefer to just use Proofgrade if it’s available in the colors I need. It’s less prep work. Prices are competitive if you factor in the masking, prep time and buy enough at one time to qualify for free shipping.

EStreet plastics is premasked and far less expensive than PG.

Search the forum for “acrylic source”, you’ll get all the answers you could want.

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There are other reasons for cast vs extruded as well (& vice versa depending on your use case).

I use cast for most things. It engraves with the classic white opaque engrave you typically associate with acrylic engraving. The edges come out smooth and clear (flame polished). It costs more than extruded

I use extruded when I’m using it more as a cover (e.g. top protective layer on a multi-layer project). It engraves without creating the white etch of cast so I don’t engrave it unless I’m going to paint fill the engrave. It is more brittle though so if it breaks it’s going to leave sharp cutting corners or spikes.

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Look up any area plastic places as well. When I go up to Phoenix I usually stop at a lumber yard and at professional plastics for laserable materials. Last time I went, I went to ask if they have any “scraps for sale”. I picked up about 5 pieces, from 24"x24" to 14" x 64" for a total of $30. When I got home, the 1/4 inch blue acrylic that was approx. 14" by 64" was showing online for over $80 (just that piece !!!). The only place in Tucson that used to sell their scraps by the pound stopped about a year ago, so I have to got to Phx now. But google or yellow pages for any plastics palces nearby or for sign makers and call or swing by to see if they sell or offer any “scraps”. Again , my last “scraps” were 4 square feet of larger !!!

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