Acrylic Signs with LED Disc

I made four more signs after my sister-in-law loved her HP sign!!!


Nice job on those!

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Let the good times roll!

I’ve been thinking of what to do for Mardi Gras, this provides good inspiration.


Good looking signs.

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My favorite is the New Years one … like the way the letters are followed with the cut. It adds a lot.

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Some more I made and the proof of a new one.


It looks like you should be teaching classes in this! :slight_smile:

All of them look great, and I’ll have to make sure my friend doesn’t see the Who Dat or I’ll be making one too.


LMAO! Thank you.

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Am I missing the link to the file Ive looked it over a couple times. Thanks in advance

Got it sorry duh!

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Where did you purchase the LED disc? Very nice work!

Got the disc from Amazon in a 4 pack. I don’t have the link right now.

Lots of options:

Thank you!