Acrylic Snowflake for the Tree

Did these last year, and just encountered them again when we decorated.
Gather some acrylic scrap and give these a try… edgelit by the bulb. Just grab your calipers and measure for the bulbs you have. I have two different sizes on the strings we have accumulated.

The yellow is frosted, but I think the clear works best for this.
If I had it to do over again I would engrave the inner cutouts on each arm instead of cutting them out. I’m going to have to whoop up another one to see if I like it better.


Fantastic idea! (And a great use for all the leftover bits.) :grinning:


I had a design last year that did this… made a gojillion of them.
They are completely consistent; but my cheapo bulbs aren’t… friction fit some, slid off lots, and broke a couple trying to get them on, then deciding it was tight and trying to get them off.
You must be using some nicer lights than mine. :slight_smile:


Very pretty!


Wow I was wondering how to put the bulbs on individually but made for a string of snowflakes on the bulbs would be super awesome!


Really pretty!

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