Acrylic Snowflakes



Part of my Christmas gift to my mom this year is acrylic snowflakes. Ornaments perhaps?


Very nice work! Acrylic snowflakes do reflect nicely with Christmas tree lights.


Those look like real flakes! :grinning:


They do! Especially against that grey sky.


you dropped a sentence in another thread and yesterday these were born:

Very clever… I expect we’ll see more next year.


Nice! :sunglasses:


I have been making these as earrings and pendents. I have used “Bentley snowflakes” from the Dover catalog. There are lots of snowflake pictures online. I have a Pintrest board full of them.


I used Bentley photos for a number of mine as well!


This guy does amazing photos of snowflakes, has a Google+ collection called ‘Snowflake a Day’ where he also explains the structure and reasons for it. His high resolution pictures are the best I have seen. Zoom in to an amazing depth.
He is also the author of “Sky Crystals”, an entire book of his work.


Ah those are beautiful!


Snowflakes so far!


Thank you!
I have a thing for edge lit acrylic and with their radial symmetry, snowflakes do well with a center hole to sleeve the small bulbs they embellish the tree nicely. The hole needs to be snug, and having a tool that graduates in thousandths is very handy!

I have also enjoyed flooding select areas with a solvent to ‘polish’ the engraving. I love the experimenting as much as the finished product!


These are just lovely. Now that I’m a mom, I imagine these being a wonderful winter teaching/science tool as well.


What solvent are you using? I might want to try that.