Acrylic Sombrero


Well, at least the mathematical equivalent of one!

Cut on PG medium acrylic, HQ score, first try.

From idea to implementation in 15 minutes.


That looks very 3d. I have been drinking, but not that much.


Very cool!


great affect


Until I saw the edge of the acrylic I’m wondering how you made the 3 dimensional shape with really thin pieces! That’s rather nice, would it react well to an led light strip I wonder?


Chuckle! I thought it was a shaped piece as well. Very good! :smile:


Great effect. Which program did you use to create the art work?
Or did you make it by hand in Inkscape :wink:


I love it. The perfect gift for the math geek in your family! What do you call the image?


Humorously, it’s called a mathematical sombrero! :slight_smile:


I snagged a 3D plot that was saved as a straight SVG. I’ll be using Octave (open source equivalent to MatLab) to do more function plotting / graphing and exporting it to SVG. This should make for a pretty nice workflow…

GNU Octave


…ask a silly question!..


Yeah, I wanna see it edge lit!


Fan frickin tastic!!!

Ditto what some said about it being literally 3D!

Brain could not compute! (Said in a robotic voice)

My nephews would love this!!!


This is very cool.


It’s funny the things your brain THINKS it sees… I read ColoradoCAVER as ColoCadaver… ha! Oh I kill me! It’s not easy going through life with a mind like this… ANYWAY… good job… that’s pretty cool.


Love this!