Acrylic Window Insert

My old shop was a “stick the hose out the garage door…” after my move, the new shop is in a spare bedroom and the Glowforge needed a window insert.

(After I made my design, of course, I searched the form and found some great/elegant/better designs)

Window is 30" wide so I had to overlap the two pieces of acrylic. I cut two slots and held the pieces together with a bolt and wing nut. It lets me expand the insert into the window frame. The white flange is just a friction fit.

Definitely not airtight, but seems to do the trick. I want to rig up a booster fan, but need to go digging for parts.


Nice job on it!


Looks like a good solution.

Although you may want to invert it so the hole is behind the machine.
Shorter the run the better, plus eliminates a corner.


Brokendrum beat me to it. Nice looking solution but flipping it and shortening the hose will be better.


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Nice solution. Congrats on the new workspace.

Great idea, thanks!

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Or just flip the acrylic?

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That is pretty cool. I am trying to come up with a design for my window. I need to make sure bugs and such cannot come through … namely, mosquitoes. I would LOVE some tips, tricks, and advice!!