Actual shipping to Chicago area

Did some searching, but could not find a direct answer.

Has anyone in the Chicago area received their Glowforge? Just curious about how long it actually took from email to arrival. Fingers crossed, my email date is approaching and hasn’t moved recently. I need to plan to be around when it arrives and that takes some coordination with work. So please share your experience.


Have you signed up with ‘My Choice’ on UPS website? It will give you a heads-up when a shipment to you enters their system.

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Chicago is four days ground delivery from the factory instead of five like the rest of the country east of the Mississippi. Unfortunately, there is no good rule for how many weeks from the golden email it will take to ship. As PrintToLaser noted if you sign up for UPS MyChoice (assuming it is being sent to a residential address) you’ll receive a more consistent and timely heads-up than support provides. I’m afraid the best you can do is give your boss a window of a few weeks and then at most four business days notice. The four days is best case. If there is a weather event, or something is mis-routed, it could be a few more days.

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Thank you. Yes I do have a UPS Mychoice account. I was a bit confused about what the email meant. I did not realize the time from email to the unit leaving the factor was most of the variable time (1-6 weeks). I thought it was mostly the time it took UPS to move it.

I’m sure what will happen is it will arrive the week we have a family trip out of town. That’s almost exactly 6 weeks and 4 days from my email date…:anguished:


I’ve heard delaying delivery a certain number of days through MyChoice is one thing UPS seems to be fairly good at.

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Lately it has not been taking anywhere near 6 weeks so you are probably just fine. Mine (a Pro) took just under 3 weeks (January 2017).

I’m in the Fox River Valley (St. Charles, IL) area and I received the “Do you want your Glowforge” email at the end of November and the actual glowforge at the end of December so about 4 weeks. However, it does seem like things are moving a bit faster now.

I am in Eau Claire WI which is about 5 hours away from Chicago and it took 5 days to ship to me! Included a sunday.

I’m in Chicago. Mine took 17 days from golden email to arrival.

Purchased on 10/23/15

Golden email 1/9/18
Proofgrade tracking on 1/15/18, delivered on 1/18/18 (including a 1 day severe weather delay)
Golden packages tracking 1/15/18, delivered on 1/19/18.

Basic unit. Shipped to Northwest suburbs (60194)

UPS Mychoice email alerted me before Glowforge email.

This led a busy 4 days to get temporary placement but most importantly installing roof vent. Having to shovel snow off of roof for that vent was no fun. But the forge is amazing.

Well, today is the day. Should get ‘the email’. I am obsessively checking…nothing yet though.


Late in the day here, mid afternoon there…no email yet. The suspense is killing me.