Adapted S-Hook Design - 164 to PG Acrylic Sheet

We have now printed about 5 or 6 of people’s designs - created 2 designs of our own too.
This one is adapted from someone else’s design just managed to get more on the sheet - 164 little beauties in all per 12"x20"

LotsaLotsaS-Hooks.pdf (1.6 MB)

Loving learning more and more about Illustrator…


There are a few issues with this at present - some of the hooks ‘nick’ the next one - I didn’t notice until I cut for the first time. it takes 51 minutes to do 164 (but thats the same as the 28 mins for the 60-70 sheets and saving acrylic and time).

What material are you using?

For this design we used 1/8 acrylic.

For the design in the video we used Translucent Plastic which is flexible.

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