Add an extra power option to proofgrade cuts

I know there are various issues to troubleshoot when cuts don’t go all the way through (clean the lens, check for warping, etc.). I fine this consistently happens with hard materials like draftboard and plywood.

Anyway, I’m going to suggest adding an option to ‘add extra power’ or bump up a proofgrade setting. Something that adds a little power, slows it down, or adds another fast pass. So we don’t have to click over to manual and tinker with that. “Proofgrade Cut +”


I don’t know what the answer is, but I will also say that often proofgrade settings no longer cut through medium draftboard for me (for one example). The first time, I thought it might be because I was overdue a cleaning, but that seemed to have little effect. I don’t have very many hours on my laser tube, so I don’t think (hope not) that my laser tube is weakening already, but I have noticed a change in proofgrade cut throughs in the last two months.

I can’t speak to any one persons situation, but I can say that mine still cuts perfect with Proofgrade settings on PG material after being ran pretty hard for 9 months.

You might need to clean your lens and mirrors. I have had some PG not cut through was when I had done a lot of jobs prior, and once I cleaned the lens and mirrors it cut through fine.