Add me to the list of lid adhesive failures

In contact with support. Not thrilled that I now get to test that extended warranty I bought.

I get why the design is that way… better the glue fails than break the glass. Still… design does not seem to account for hinges getting sticky over time. Even a small change in resistance could pop that joint when someone lifts the lid (aka mechanical lever). This is a case of pretty design winning over lasting quality.

Do refurbs come with new laser tubes?

Sorry that’s happening to you. If you want to try your own repair, I suggest you do a search here in the forum. Some others have had that problem and discuss what they did to fix it. Can’t answer your question about refurbs except that everything is gone over completely and very well before sending one to you.

Not regretting buying that extended warranty.

Patrick is setting me up with a refurb.

Laser HW design has been stagnant for a while. Lot of weaknesses starting to show.
Looking forward to new and more robust HW from Glowforge.

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Good question. I have had occasion to punish this machine with jobs that took days, but I’m not what you would call a heavy user. My tube rated for a two-year lifespan is five and still burning.
On machines that prove defective during warranty, my guess is no - the tube is still young.

As you can imagine, you’re not the first to experience that. If you use the magnifying glass icon next to your avatar in the upper right you will find examples of it and repair alternatives to sending the machine back.

I think the idea is sound, but the particular adhesive - not so much.

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Sourcing has been problematic over the past few years. When one source was doing well but can no longer provide, the next source can have startup and quality control issues, and suddenly some random part is not working and needs to be replaced on many machines, as it takes a while to discover the issue, and only a few percent are bad or they would catch it right away. That is why there are warranties :slightly_smiling_face:

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