Add users

Is there a way to disable the ability to add users? We run our GF as a shared tool in our shop, and only certain people should have access. They shouldn’t be able to add more people. How do we make it so that one person controls who has access to the machine?

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As of right now, There isn’t, so you can’t. Users either are or are not. I think there’s a hopperized idea for access levels but if not, there should be. For particular use cases like yours, as a business…and even for individuals this is a thing that should be available.

I am guessing that everybody can see any users and delete them, so the person in charge can keep an eye on who has been added and remove them if they shouldn’t have been. But of course that works the other way, so a rouge user could delete everybody else.

We don’t have that functionality now, but it’s a great suggestion – I will pass it on to the team!