Adding a 2nd Exhaust fan

Curious to see if anyone has done this already or knows it’s a terrible idea.

I have an inline fan already, and it’s sealed off pretty well. I am overly paranoid about the fumes since I can still smell it on longer cutting jobs. I have it vented out the window and was considering putting an exhaust/intake fan next to it in the window in an effort to get more of the bad air out of the house.

Can anyone provide some feedback on this idea?

Where is the current position of the external fan you’re using now?
It should not be by the printer! It should be as close to where it exits the house as possible. That way you get more of a vacume and less chance of smoke and fumes getting into the room.
My fan isn’t far enough away from the machine and I do get some smell from time to time. I intend to reposition it closer to where it exits the house very soon.

I only have the inline fan right now attached to the Glowforge which runs a very short line right out the sealed off window.

So if I add a second just open exhaust fan, it shouldn’t be in the same window?

How close is the fan to where it exits the window?

If you can smell smoke there is a leak in the venting.
The exhaust run (no matter how short), downstream of that inline fan is under pressure. Any leak will be blowing smoke. If the fan is at the building exit the entire run is sucking through any leak.


Try moving your fan to the end of the run before adding a second one. This made a huge difference for me. Pulling out smoke vs pushing mitigates any pinholes or other leaks along the way.

Also - what type of window are you venting through? Mine is the vertical sliding type and it took me a while to figure out that I needed to stop up the gap between the two panes to keep smoke from coming back in. :woman_facepalming:t2:


Good point. That middle seal on a double hung window is easy to overlook.

I am currently trying to find a good solution to the double hung window problem. I run both the Glowforge fan and an external in-line fan. I still smell the burning wood on longer cuts. Right now I just stuff some folded up paper in there. It helps, but doesn’t completely stop it. Any known solutions to the double hung window problem?

Edit: Actually mine is not a double hung window, I thought I knew what that was, but I was incorrect. It’s just a normal window that opens upwards instead of sideways. Still, I get smoke coming back in through the gap. Can’t figure out a good solution.

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do you leave your vents in it all the time or do you take/remove?

my office/studio isn’t sexy (it’s kind of the dumpy room in the house), so i seal mine with aluminum tape. and it is a permanent fixture in the room.

I only open that window when using the GF. So, the tape thing won’t work, unfortunately.

I stuff a strip of 2"x2"x width-of-window upholstery foam into the gap. It’s squishy enough to fill the opening completely and dense enough to stop smoke coming back in. You can find it at Joann or a local upholstery shop, a local shop may even give you a scrap for free :slight_smile:


so you have a casement window? cranks open on the vertical side like a door?

you would need to (and I would have had to do this had we stayed in the house where Beamer was originally delivered you’ll need to make a panel that inset to fill the whole space.

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Could be a slider, but your solution applies. :+1:

When we moved I was actualy really happy to NOT have the casment windows any more. I’d actually rebuilt many of them, total pain the butt.

I built a mount for the FAN that is held in place but pushng the window down to engage a strip across the top that fits into the groove on the bottom of the window.

I mounted a vent like this one so the opening was a distance from the window

IMPERIAL 6-in dia Galvanized Steel R2 Exhaust/Intake Dryer Vent Hood in the Dryer Vent Hoods department at

Gonna get to fire up BEAMER This weekend. I am a happy boy. LOL

hmmm… I didn’t post the pics of my Microwave Trim parts BEAMER cut for me.


IKR? So cool how we can manifest an idea (need) into reality.

Especially because I needed two holes in each “tab”. and drilling acrylic is a pain. LOL

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