Adding a pop up alert to the GF app?

Hello Team GF,

Would it be interesting to add optional alert sound / pop up to the mobile app that the job in the machine is completed?

With a production run I’ll wear noise cancelling headphones so I don’t go crazy with the high pitch 8 hours in a row. (NOTE: This was the case with other laser machines I’ve used over the years, too, definitely not exclusive to GF). And on top of that I often rabbit-hole on another project, and well, lose track. (Am I the only “shiny objects” chaser out there?) :upside_down_face:

Oh, while you’re at it, also if it would do run time countdown and JOB COMPLETE pop up/alert?

That’s about all for now! :wink:

You guys posting all your awesome solutions out there rock!!


PS Speaking of ROCKING, I must say this: I’m a happy new user of GF Pro, but have owned and ran industrial/production lasers regularly over the last several years. omg, that being said, the GF was love at first USE! and first SITE. I just want to say to the development team: BRAVO!! The stable and beautifully simple interface is a freaking dream (the ones on Epilogs and Universals are not aesthetic at all, neither the machines themselves). And the camera (!!!) makes all the difference! No more “oops! that overlapped” or misplacement of any kind. And the build is insane–you all really went ALL the way. Apple standards at minimum–so thank you. A big thank you for caring not only about how it works, but how it looks as it sits in your office/shop, and how the user experiences the whole process from interface to cutting. :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::pray::pray::pray::pray:




Thanks for the suggestions and kind words! I’ll make sure the team gets them. I really appreciate your excitement in the product that means so much to us!