Adding Dates of Postings


For ease to our forum users, please add dates showing when each post was made or added. Also, if being able to sort by date or by user name, it would be a beneficial addition to each category or subject posting within categories.


It’s a paid forum…choices are limited to what is offered.


I too would like to be able to search by user name. For instance, sometimes someone will post that Dan (or staff) recently said or posted pics of and it would be so much easier to find if we could search that user’s posts rather than the whole forum.

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Click on the user icon, go to their profile, and you have a list of all their activity. Not sure it is searchable inside the forum, but try CTRL-F.


You can also use a search term of user: like user:MiniMouse


in the search field just type @username and it will only search by posts they made.
or hit advanced search and itll show you all the fields you can use to narrow your search


Just click the search icon and then enter the username. I just searched myself and it seems to work just fine.

-Edit - @takitus beat me to it


Well, whatdya know about that?!? Awesome sauce! I just tried it out on your user icon and it works! Thank you @ben1.

I do still wonder, how to search for let’s say, Dan’s post as in my above-referenced example, if Dan hasn’t posted in that thread… Never mind, while I was typing this, @jkopel posted the answer. Thank you.

Edit to add: And @takitus and @chadmart1076


You can also perform the search that the other refer to, and bookmark the resultant URL. For example: lists all of Dan’s posts.

Btw, don’t try to edit the %40 in the url – it equates to the @ symbol, but typically cannot be used directly.


On date and time, there’s also a scrollbar-style display on the right that gives the date, but that may not be enough detail.


top right of each post has a timestamp. clickity for more date info.

edit: twitter and facebook sharing is hidden in that menu as well.

Dates would be helpful (on posts, how to see)

They recently made it easier.

If you click on the Advanced search, you get a bunch of options to search by.

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