Adding delays between operations

I am cutting and engraving thin plastic. All works great for smaller pieces. But when I have a larger piece with a lot of engraving on it, all the engraving heats up the plastic and deforms it causing issues.

It would be great if I could setup a program to engrave a portion, then delay to let the material cool. Then engrave more and then delay again and so on. Then delay a bit before cutting the edges.

So I am wondering how I can add a delay to the program so the material can cool at different steps. Can anyone help with this?

By making different parts to be engraved different colors, they will be cut at different process times. You could even step through them setting only one to engrave and the rest to ignore, and it will just do that and wait for you to call the next one.


If you want to deliberately add a “pause” of such, just add a step set to 1 power and a low speed.


Each color will be a separate operation, listed vertically in the left column, and you can drag each tile in the left column into different places to reorder the Sequence. Operations are accomplished from the top down.


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