Adding holes

I am very new to laser design. I made a name design that I would like to turn into a pair of earrings. My question is, How do I add a hole for the earring component? The design is on Tinkercad. Thanks In advance

Use whatever program you use for designing. (Import the file to that program and add holes.)

Add holes how? Again I am very new. Is it a manual setting I have to do? Youtube video? lol Imported the image but I am still unsure on how to add the hole on the design. Sorry for the lack of knowledge.

What program are you using? Inkscape? Illustrator? Affinity Designer?

neither lol The design is on tinkercad. You suggest I use one of those?

Yes, unless there’s some way to change it in Tinkercad.

Here’s some info on Inkscape, a free program.

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i figured it out… thanks for your help. You can make a hole by merging two shapes together.


Although TinkerCAD does export vector SVG files that will allow you to cut, it’s really not an ideal program for designing for laser cutting. If you do a lot of design it would be better to try to learn one of the 2D design programs (Inkscape, Illustrator, Affinity Design etc).

That said, there is one forum member, a teacher, who does a lot of video tutorials using Tinkercad that you might find helpful. Look for any posting by @theroar84.


Well I have a chrome book might be part of my problem. So I need a web based design program to learn. So I have been searching thru the files on here for suggestions. I cant afford a new computer after buyin this so I have to make do.

I wonder if this would work on your Chromebook:


I’m gonna try when I get home from class. And will update if it works.

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